Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

  2. 2
    • Tracing the Bear Myth in Northeast Asia

    • Native American Bear Mythology

    • Inuit and Polar Bears: Cultural Observations

    • Grizzly Bears

    • Black Bears

    • Polar Bears

    • Overview

  3. 3
    • Overview

    • Factors Affecting Nuisance Bear Activity (Ontario)

    • Grizzly Bear-Cattle Interactions (Wyoming)

    • Black Bear Activity at Human Food Sources (Utah)

    • Human Casualties and Livestock Depredation (Himalaya)

    • Evaluation of deterrent techniques on Black Bears (Nevada)

    • Management of Bear-Human Conflicts using Laika Dogs

    • Livestock Guarding Dogs in Norway

    • Biological Consequences of Relocating Grizzly Bears (Yellowstone)d

    • Grizzly Bear-Human Conflict (Alberta)

    • Injuries to People inflicted by Black, Grizzly, or Polar Bears

    • Bear-Human Conflict Management Plan (Alaska)

    • Bear-People Conflict Management Plan (British Columbia)

    • Black Bear Management Plan (Whistler, BC)

    • Black Bear Management Plan (Oregon)

  4. 4
    • Overview

    • Conservation of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia

    • Grizzly Bear Population Vital Rates and Trend in the Northern Continental Divide Ecosystem, Montana

    • Status and Management of the Brown Bear in Europe

    • Protecting Canada’s Grizzly Bear

    • Grizzly Conservation (BC)

    • Polar Bear Population Forecasts

    • Polar Bear Population Status in the Northern Beaufort Sea

    • Polar Bears on Thin Ice

    • Predicting survival, reproduction and abundance of polar bears under climate change

  5. 5
    • Overview

    • Bear Identification

    • Black Bears (British Columbia)

    • Black Bear Biology (California)

    • Watchable Wildlife - Black Bear (Wisconsin)

    • Black Bear Reproduction, Survival, and Mortality (Montana)

    • Factors Influencing Dispersal in the Black Bear

    • Breeding Behavior of Black Bears

    • Summary of Grizzly Bear Biology (Montana)

    • Grizzly Bears (British Columbia)

    • Observations of autumn courtship and breeding in Brown Bears

    • Reproductive maturation and senescence in the female brown bear

    • Determinants of lifetime reproduction in female brown bears

    • Impact of disturbance characteristics and age on grizzly bear habitat selection

    • Polar Bear Biology

    • Divergence in breeding season movements of pack-ice polar bears

  6. 6
    • Overview

    • Socially learned foraging behaviour in wild black bears

    • Spacing Behavior and Movements of the Black Bear

    • The Social Behaviour of Brown Bears on an Alaskan Salmon Stream

    • Social Behavior of the Alaskan Brown Bear

    • Food Competition and Grouping of Orphaned Brown Bears (Russia)

    • Post-Den Emergence Behavior of Polar Bears

    • Infanticide and Cannibalism of Juvenile Polar Bears

    • Grizzly Bear Response to Electric Shock

    • Bear Den

    • Birth of a Cub

    • Black Bears Mating

    • Bluff Charge

    • Actual Charge

    • Helping a Cub

    • Marking

    • Mating Fight

    • Nervous Bear

    • Cubs Playing

  7. 7
    • Overview

    • Bear Safety Brochure: Oregon

    • Bear Safety Brochure: Ontario

    • Bear Safety Brochure: British Columbia

    • Bear Safety Brochure: Northwest Territories

    • Bear Safety Brochure: Yukon

    • Bear Safety (Glacier National Park)

    • Using Bear Spray

    • Bear Deterrents (Colorado)

    • Bear Fence

    • Rubber Ammunition

  8. 8
    • Overview

    • Conflict Reduction

    • Behavioral Effects on Bear Viewing (Yukon Territory)

    • Brown Bear Habituation to People

    • Polar Bear Viewing Information

  9. 9
    • Assessment