Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • Porcupine Caribou Herd: Declining Populations

  2. 2
    • Overview

    • Sami Herding Rights in Sweden

    • Traditional Sami Reindeer Grazing Threatened in Sweden

    • The Mythic Sami Reindeer

    • The Law and Reindeer Herding (Norway)

    • The Alaska Sami: A Reindeer Story

    • Cultural and Ecological Value of Boreal Woodland Caribou Habitat

    • Human-Caribou Relations from a First Nation's Perspective

    • The Last Generation of Sami Reindeer Herders in Sweden

  3. 3
    • Overview

    • Effects of Human Harassment on Caribou (British Columbia)

    • Human impacts on George River Caribou (Newfoundland)

    • Response of Caribou to Human Activities (Alaska)

    • Caribou Population Ecology (Alaska)

    • Impact of Human Developments and Land Use on Caribou (Alaska)

    • Industrial Disturbances

    • Effects of Timber Harvesting Practices (Yukon Territory)

    • Boreal Caribou Habitat and Land Use Planning (Northwest Territories)

    • Identification of Critical Habitat (Environment Canada)

  4. 4
    • Overview

    • Status of the Woodland Caribou (Alberta)

    • Action Plans for Boreal Woodland Caribou Ranges (Manitoba)

    • Recovery Strategy for Three Woodland Caribou Herds (Newfoundland)

    • Species Status Report - Boreal Caribou (Northwest Territories)

    • Decline and Recovery of the Bathurst Caribou Herd (Northwest Territories)

    • Woodland Caribou Recovery Strategy (Ontario)

    • Three Decades of Caribou Recovery Programs (Yukon Territory)

    • Porcupine Caribou Management Agreement (Yukon Territory)

    • Status of Northern Mountain Caribou (Yukon Territory)

    • Long-Term Range Recession and the Persistence of Caribou in the Taiga

    • Porcupine Caribou Harvest Management Plan

    • Conservation Strategy for Southern Mountain Caribou (Parks Canada)

    • Recovery Strategy for the Woodland Caribou (Canada)

    • The Semi-Annual Great Caribou Massacre in Canada

  5. 5
    • Overview

    • Being Caribou

    • Caribou Herd Ranges (Yukon Territory)

    • Caribou (British Columbia)

    • Boreal Caribou (British Columbia)

    • Caribou (Alaska)

    • Grizzly Depredation on Caribou (Alaska)

    • Contaminants in Caribou

    • Characterizing woodland caribou habitat in sub-boreal and boreal forests (British Columbia)

    • Intact Habitat Landscapes and Woodland Caribou (Newfoundland)

    • Observations of Polar Bear Predatory Behaviour toward Caribou

    • Variations in Plants Forage Quality (Alaska)

    • Detecting continuous lichen abundance for mapping winter caribou forage at landscape spatial scales

  6. 6
    • Overviews

    • Identifying indirect habitat loss and avoidance of human infrastructure by northern mountain woodland caribou

    • Traditional behaviour and fidelity to caribou calving grounds by barren-ground caribou

    • Demographic and behavioural response of woodland caribou to forest harvestingdrag to move

    • Effect of Sex Ratio and Male Age Structure on Calving

    • About Caribou Antlers

    • Terrain Ruggedness and Caribou Forage Availability

    • Movements, foraging habits, and habitat use strategies of northern woodland caribou during winter

    • Caribou Foraging Decisions

    • Effects of Jet Fighters on Caribou

    • Caribou Response to Helicopter Landings

  7. 7
    • Overview

    • Flying in Caribou Country

  8. 8
    • Assessment