Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Introduction

    • The Wolves of Yellowstone

  2. 2
    • Overview

    • Who is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

    • Wolf in Folklore, Religion & Mythology

    • The Wolf's World Brightens

    • Death of a Legend

    • Shrangi-La Commercial

  3. 3
    • Overview

    • Elk Calf Survival and Mortality Following Wolf Restoration to Yellowstone National Park

    • Factors InfluencIng PredatIon on JuvenIle Ungulates and natural selectIon ImplicatIons

    • Relationship Between Winter Severity and Wolf Depredation on Domestic Animals

    • Wolf Distribution and Road Density

    • Yellowstone Elk Calf Mortality Following Wolf Restoration

    • Survival of Adult Female Elk in Yellowstone Following Wolf Restoration

    • Causes of Wolf Depredation Increases

    • Computer Simulation of Vasectomy for Wolf Control

    • Computer Simulation of Wolf Removal Strategies for Animal Damage Control

    • Grey Wolf Management Plan (British Columbia)

    • Effects of Wolf Mortality on Livestock Depredations

  4. 4
    • Overview

    • Wolf Distribution Map

    • World Wolf Distribution

    • Should the Wolf Be Delisted?

    • Record High Pack Wolf Density

    • Is Science in Danger of Sanctifying the Wolf?

    • A Howling Success for the Endangered Species Act

    • Wolf Dispersal

    • Is Climate Change Affecting Wolf Populations in the High Arctic?

    • Wolf Population Survival in an Area of High Road Density

    • Tolerance by Denning Wolves to Human Disturbance

    • Decline and Recovery of a High Arctic Wolf-Prey System

    • Considerations for Developing Wolf Harvesting Regulations

    • Crying Wolf: Concluding that Wolves Were Not Restored

    • Wolf Influence on Elk Movements: Behavior Shapes a Trophic Cascade in Yellowstone

    • Denali Park Wolf Studies

  5. 5
    • Overview

    • Cry of the Wild

    • Longevity in Wild Wolves

    • Breeding Season in Relation to Latitude

    • Weaning in an Arctic Wolf Pack

    • Predatory Senescence in Aging Wolves

    • Annual Arctic Wolf Pack Size Related to Arctic Hare Numbers

    • Premature Reproductive Activity

    • Resistance of Young Wolf Pups to Inclement Weather

    • Genetic Relationships Among and Within Wolf Packs

  6. 6
    • Overview

    • Wolf Pack

    • Polygyny

    • Non-Family Wolf Packs

    • Wolf Pack Size and Food Acquisition

    • Alpha Status, Dominance, and Division of Labor

    • Leadership Behavior in Relation to Dominance and Reproductive Status

    • Details of a Confrontation Between Two Wild Wolves

    • Prey Escaping Wolves Despite Close Proximity

    • Daytime Activity of Wolves in Winter

    • Wolf Use of Summer Territory

    • Differential Use of a Wolf Pack Territory

    • Possible Use of Wolf Den over Several Centuries

    • Possible Use of Foresight, Understanding, and Planning by Wolves Hunting Muskoxen

    • Heavily Hunted Wolves Have Higher Stress

  7. 7
    • Overview

    • Quick Reference Guide: Alaska Wolf Safety Brochure

    • Quick Reference Guide: PAWGI Wolf Safety Brochure

    • Quick Reference Guide: WolfTracks

    • Quick Reference Guide: Wolf Communications

  8. 8
    • Assessment